Features for Intiaro 3D Advanced Configurator

3D Advanced Configurator enables you to get configuration on demand as well as register your callback that will be fired each time a configuration changes.

IntiaroEmbed is the main handler for your intiaro integration. It’s a singleton object, as currently only one Intiaro Advanced Configurator is supported.

There are a few features that you can use with 3D Advanced Configurator:

Ensuring that Intiaro 3D Configurator loading is completed

First of all please make sure that loading process of the Intiaro 3D Configurator is completed. Use the subscribeToConfigurationExchangeReady method from the IntiaroEmbed object to register the handler.

function configurationExchangeReadyHandler(){
   "use strict";
   console.log("Player is ready to interact with");

window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function(event){
   "use strict";

The subscribeToConfigurationExchangeReady is a method that takes a callback as a first argument. It will be triggered as as soon the player is ready.

Getting current configuration

There is an ability to get current configuration from the player. To do that, you can use the getConfiguration method. See example below:

function configurationHandler(data){
   // data with configuraiton, see Sectional Product Structure

IntiaroEmbed.getConfiguration(callback) - triggers callback with object with configuration as a first argument.

See also Sectional Product Structure this triggers callback with of a given configuration as a first argument.

Listening to configuration changes

When the player is ready, you can register a configuration change handler.

Register an event handler (ie. configuration changed)

  function handler(configuration) {
     // do sth with new configuration


Retrieving product image (current screen from the camera)

function callbackFunction(data){
   console.log(data.url); // contains url

IntiaroEmbed.createPhoto({"angle":30, "callbackFunction":callbackFunction});

Saving product configuration

Saving configuration feature comes in handy whenever you need to store current product configuration and use it elswhere. It could be used to implement features like “add to favourites” or “add to cart”.

function successCallbackFunction(data){
   console.log(data); // saved configuration data

function failCallbackFunction(error){

IntiaroEmbed.saveConfiguration(successCallbackFunction, failCallbackFunction);

If save is successful, you’ll reveice a json containing saved configuration data. Example:

   id: "7a62f577-2bdd-4058-81f6-d49e21b9f5a8"
   product_configuration: {}
   product_system_version: "Product Version"

You can then use saved configuration data to launch Intiaro 3D Configurator with saved product. Please take a look how to do that here: (Embedding Intiaro 3D Configurator with custom configuration).

Live Example

Code visible on mobile devices instead of configurator should be placed here. It should include a short descriptions and links to the WL app. This content will be shown only if the player does not load.
Player did not loaded yet. When it's ready it will populate event that you can register handler on. For instance, if you register for a configuration change it won't work yet.
Angle (degrees)

That’s it!