Simple Product Structure

Currently, 360 Configurator supports simple product configuration. You can get current configuration (made by user) via the JavaScript API method.

Let’s get a look closer at the configuration object. It has the same structure as the params key of an element in a sectional object.

 "frame-fabric_zk31": "7691-11",
 "scatterback-fabric_bmjrr": "7693-11",
 "welts-fabric_xyik3": "7693-11",
 optional-pillow-fill_g393n": "lux-down_yv102",
 "back-cushion-quantity_1inev": "two_o9z7w",
 "seat-cushions-fill_25n31": "ultra-down_unxow",
 "back-center-scatterback-pillows-fringe_m50qu": "400-21",
 "pillows-20-inch-pillow-fabric-both-sides_73lyv": "7693-11"

Each key represents Attribute and each value represents Choice.

For instance, in the example the user has chosen: - fabric with name 7691-11 for frame (frame-fabric_zk31) - ultra down seat cushion fil (seat-cushion-fill_25n32:”ultra-down_unxow”)