Product Information Management module


You can call our attributes API to get information of currently supported attributes and choices for given product configuration

You can explicitly choose the format in the URL parameter:



The structure goes as follows:
  • “attributes”: [<Attribute>, <Attribute>] - list of all available attributes.

Where it is described as:
  • slug: - identification of attribute.

  • name: - human-friendly name. You can use your own names.

  • choices: [<Choice>, <Choice>, …] - a list of choices available in a given attribute.

See also: Attribute

Where it is described below:
  • slug - ID of a choice.

  • name - human-friendly name. You can use your own name.

  • tags - strings that gather similar choices.

  • predicate - ID of a predicate. If you use our predicate system, you can obtain another API endpoint that describes conditions in which the given choice is legal.

See also: Choice

You can also check available configurations<customer_id>/product_configurations/availability/

This URL will provide you with the response, containing a list of product configurations product_configuration_id, and support for various platforms (such as web360 - which is Intiaro 360 Configurator and Intiaro 3D Advanced Configurator.

Please see the example below:

    "id": 16447,
    "web_usdz": false,
    "web_gltf": false,
    "app_ar": true,
    "web_360": false,
    "client_identifier": "console_table_1234"
    "id": 26123,
    "web_usdz": false,
    "web_gltf": false,
    "app_ar": true,
    "web_360": false,
    "client_identifier": "table_lamp_4321"


  • id - ProductConfiguration ID product_configuration_id.

  • web_usdz - support for generation WebAR for iOS platform.

  • web_gltf - support for generation WebAR for Android platform.

  • app_ar - support for Intiaro 3D Advanced Configurator.

  • web_360 - support for Intiaro 360 Configurator.

  • client_identifier - a custom ID given by the vendor. This is a field that helps map IDs in client’s PIM and ID in Intiaro.