Here are three main components of the Intiaro API: * 360 configurator - this is a configurator that presents 360-degree spins with product images as well as a zoom feature. * 3D advanced configuration - this component creates a 3D view with free camera movement that allows rotation and continuous zoom. * Product Information Management API - this is an API that lists available products (Product Configuration IDs) and available attributes and choices for each product.

Simple Use Case

There are many different use cases and integration methods. Below we have described some popular ones:

  • Listing available product configurations: (product_configuration_id).

  • Checking available attributes (f(Attribute)) for a product.

  • Listing available choices (Choice) in a given product.

  • Display a product on page (both as an image or as a plugin-less 3D viewer).

  • Saving a user configuration through JavaScript API.

  • Saving an image of user configuration.

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